A Message from the 2021-2023 President - Tim Lobb MEIGCA

As golf course architects, we have the power to shape the future of golf. We need to design courses that are relevant in our modern day society. It is our chance, now, in a post-COVID world, to bring families and young people into the sport. We must create the facilities that make golf interesting and fun.

Copyright Mark Hawkins

Copyright Mark Hawkins

As President, I will the use the platform this position provides to drive ahead with the message that the design of a course is fundamental to safeguarding the future of golf. We need to stress how the design of courses helps promote the game of golf, for all.

During my term of office, I pledge to focus on the importance of design in the future of golf. We are part of the solution to safeguarding the future of golf through our design and the development of sustainable golf courses., following three themes:

  • Collaboration – greater collaboration with other international associations to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences to achieve a broad understanding of our industry from a global perspective
  • Awareness – seek an enhanced appreciation in the wider (non-golfing) community of the positive environmental effect of well-considered golf course design
  • Impact – encourage stakeholders in the wider golf industry to understand and appreciate the importance of our expertise and the fundamental impact it will have on the future of golf for all.

As I start my term, I am conscious of the positive contributions made by previous Presidents to strengthen EIGCA’s future. Christoph Städler, my immediate predecessor, steered the Institute through the COVID pandemic and managed a net increase in the number of members and commercial partners. Along with my Vice President, Caspar Grauballe, I will work towards continuing the Institute’s work to raise awareness of the pivotal role golf course design has in the future of the sport we all love, for the benefit of members and the wider golf industry.

President, European Institute of Golf Course Architects

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