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Here you can browse the catalogue and the journal contents database.

The EIGCA Library contains over 1,500 books and a dozen or so journals on golf course architecture and related subjects. Many of these are of historic importance and include the writings of past masters of the subject, such as Alister MacKenzie, George Thomas and commentators such as Bernard Darwin and Henry Longhurst. Over the years our own students have also contributed to the information we hold, and increasingly much material is drawn from the Internet.

The collection falls into four sections:

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  • Book collection : members and graduates may borrow two books at any one time for a period of four weeks. The loan period may be renewed for a further four weeks, but the books must be returned after that time. Loans will be sent out free of charge, but borrowers will be expected to pay the return postage.
  • A selection of titles is available for loan to non-members. They may borrow two books at any one time for a period of four weeks upon payment of UK£10.00 which includes outward postage within the UK. Again borrowers are expected to pay the return postage.

  • Journal Contents : as journals are received they are indexed and are added to a searchable database which also contains full indexing of many of the Library‚Äôs books and increasingly articles drawn from the Internet.
  • This section is for members only. Non-members may contact the Librarian for retrospective searches.

    Journal Contact Details

    Journal Contact Details

    A list of the journals covered in the Newsletter can be downloaded here:

  • Student Dissertations : these are listed in the catalogue and are available for loan. Some titles are available in digital format and may be purchased.
  • Library News : the stories listed here were published in the EIGCA Newsletter which is distributed six times a year. They relate to new books and publications added to the Library as well as information about useful websites and other sources of information.

Contact the Librarian for further information at:

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