CPD - Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures your skills remain current. The EIGCA CPD Programme is a voluntary free-to-use points-based system which allows you to track and record your professional learning.

The wide range of activities which are eligible to be logged are split into four categories. Examples of activities are:

  1. Education – attending EIGCA conferences/seminars/workshops, non-EIGCA seminars, webinars, EIGCA study tours
  2. Professional – attending the EIGCA Annual General Meeting, serving on EIGCA Council or Committees, marking EIGCA student assignments, writing golf course reviews, publishing articles
  3. Networking – attending the EIGCA Annual Meeting Dinners, being a member of other golf-related membership organisations, e.g. FEGGA, GEO
  4. Personal Learning – volunteering, e.g. at a local sports club

Once the first activity is logged and points earned, you become CPD Active and work towards accruing the 60 credits you need to become CPD Approved. Once granted, CPD activity needs to be continued for approval to be maintained.

Whether you are an experienced architect or just starting your career, being CPD Approved by EIGCA sets you apart by identifying you as a professional who strives to be better at their craft every day and are committed to continuing learning.

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