Golf Course Design

Information and advice for potential golf course developers from choosing the right architect to the design process itself.

Whether you are looking for a golf course architect for a given project or just want to know more about the golf course design process, the EIGCA provides a range of advisory guides and pamphlets to assist potential golf course developers.

We also offer a service "the enquiry retrieval system" whereby if you send us an enquiry about a new project we will then circulate this to our membership. Should any of our members be interested in your project, they will then email or write to you directly to offer their services.

If you would like us to circulate an enquiry please send it to It would be very helpful if you could include as much information as possible - such as the amount of land available, the size and type of golf course you are looking to build, whether it is a stand-alone course or part of a hotel/leisure complex, your role in the project e.g. owner, developer, etc. - as well as your full contact details.