Mainzer Golf Club

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Mainzer Golf Club, Rhineland Palatinat, Germany
Date of Opening:
Golf Course Architect:
Christoph Städler
Städler Golf Courses
Landscape & Ecosystems, Environmental Quality,
Theme Detail:

Landscape and Ecosystems

  • Protection of the eagle owl (Bubo bubo) and grey woodpecker (Picus canus)
  • Enhance a population of lizards (Lacerta agilis)
  • New stone walls created as habitat for kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
  • Conservation of a quarry site and new vegetation on former dump

Environmental Quality

  • New Public pathways in a former sealed dump and quarry site.

Hole No.7

Hole No.7

Hole No.9

Hole No.9

The old quarry site was used as a dump. The local government had the permission to fill the whole quarry with waste. The local government got the possibility to burn the waste and to develop a golf course in the quarry and on the partly-filled dump. They decided to lease the area to the client who wanted to construct the golf course. The benefits from this included:

  • for the local community : a connecting path for biking and walking as a closer connection between the suburb of Budenheim and the bigger town Mainz.
  • for wildlife: the natural beauty of the quarry was conserved for rare species including the eagle owl, grey woodpecker and bluethroat by retaining habitat and separation between golf elements and breeding areas. Some habitat enhancment including building new walls which could be used by kingfishers and structures of branches for the lizards.
  • for environmental quality: the former dump is now fully sealed using best practice engineering techniques to prevent gas emissions from the dump. The landfill gas is collected and produces energy.
  • for the golfer: each hole is framed by highly individual landscape features, offering breathtaking views. The golf design blends perfectly with the unique character of the site.

In summary: the Director of Mainz Environment Authority has described the site as “an exemplary mix of leisure activity and nature conservation”

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